Your Own Language and How it Defines you

Does your own language limit your experience of life and all it has to offer you… or expand it?

That was going to be the topic of my blog this week when my brother forwarded on to me this link he had just viewed of a wonderfully uplifting vignette. It’s barely over a minute and a half long, but it succinctly makes the point quicker than what I could in the average sized blog. Here’s the link…    “The Power of Words”

If you haven’t seen it before I am sure you will enjoy it immensely. If you have seen it before like I had, then the impact of its message is well worth seeing second time around.

After you have seen it think about the language you use in your world and the impact your words have have on you personally and on those around you, especially your loved ones.

And forward this one on… because its message deserves to be shared IMO. Have a wonderful week.

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