What does Success mean for you and how do you Achieve it?

I had occasion the other day to delve deeply into what is the difference that makes the difference with high achievers in the workplace. I had just completed a modelling project and part of that investigation included my personal assessment of the organisation’s nominated peak performers. In particular, what they were doing specifically that led to their success, and how their actions and behaviours set them apart from the rest of the team.

And it got me thinking about success in its many forms and how, if we really look closely, it has a way of leaving a trail of clues for us to follow…

Many people might say that success is all about reaching the pinnacle of one’s endeavours, as if to say once success is achieved it is all downhill from there. I prefer to see it a little differently, probably due to my years of profiling and modelling peak performers in business. For me, success is a mindset and an ingrained set of behaviours that are persisted with come rain, hail or economic shine. It’s the consistent 1% of activities that have been proven to work and which are applied day after day, week after week, year after year when others would prefer to take the easier routes or the shortcuts and just hope for the best.

The high achievers whom I have studied, all seem to have a plan of action, with the emphasis on the word ‘action’ following that plan. They then turn those actions into a pattern, and that pattern into habitual behaviour. Those habits then produce a sustainable result over time. They don’t focus on the results. They focus on the action or the activities that lead to their results. Sure, the results are important to them but the results are not their focus. And because of that, their results become a consistent pattern of achievement and not a one-off success.

Here is a great quote I gleaned from one of those high achievers I was studying… “Performance is all about the long term, where you do the same things consistently that have been proven to work for you regardless of whether times are good or times are bad. Successful people don’t change a tried and true approach just because they are having a bad day or week, or they don’t feel like it, or they argued with their colleagues, or the economy is in a trough. They stick consistently to their activities that they know lead to results, and eventually those results do flow.”

I’d like you to take a minute right now to think about success and what it means for you. Visualise it. Describe it to yourself. Sit in the experience for a moment. How does that feel? How would you define it? Now that you have taken a minute to do that brief exercise, I would like to share with you my own description. I have chosen an obvious acronym to help with my explanation:– S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

  • S – System. Develop a system that works for you or for your business in your field of endeavour or marketplace. Hone it by all means, but once you feel you have it for now, don’t wait for perfection, or you will be waiting a very long time.
  •  U – Utilisation. As I said above, utilise the system you have developed. Don’t just think about it. Good ideas are worth nothing if they aren’t applied.
  •  C – Courage. Have the courage to tweak and test it, now that you have made a start. Keep adapting and testing until your results show that you are on track. Remember, there is no failure only feedback.
  •  C – Consistency. Once you have tested and adapted and finally distilled what you are doing into something that is working, stick with it. Don’t fiddle with it. Don’t mess with it. Don’t let well meaning colleagues or the desire for new ‘shiny things’ or the threat of boredom get in the way of consistently applying what works.
  •  E – Ego. Now that you are beginning to achieve replicable results, get your ego out of the way. You are beginning to get traction, to gain momentum, and you are finally seeing some results and achieving some measure of success, so don’t get carried away bathing in your own glory. As soon as you go down that path, for sure you will get off the track. Stick to your proven system. Remember, the well tested and proven system is the hero, not you.
  •  S – Sustainability. Begin to look for ways that you can replicate what you are doing into a sustainable process that you can now teach to others… either as the acknowledged professional or as the business leader wanting to leverage successful activity throughout your organisation. If it is something you have developed personally and you have proven its worth, then you now have amazing leverage that others will pay you dearly for as the owner-developer or reward you for if you are an employee. This is the key to the current financial success of most of the up and coming young internet ‘gurus’ we are witnessing today. They have developed a system, tested and proven its worth, found ways to replicate it, and are now reaping the rewards in their marketing of it.
  •  S – Sharing. Share your success around. Help others to grow just as you have done. Become a mentor to those around you. ‘Pay it forward,’ as the saying goes. The heart that gives gathers, so be a giver not a taker, because now that you have tasted success and turned it into a system to benefit you or your business on a consistent basis, you have a bigger canvas on which to paint. You will continue to get what you want in life, if you help others to get what they want. Once you have nutted out the keys to your own success, you have the opportunity to focus on what you were really placed here for – to make your own unique contribution. After all, isn’t that the true meaning of success, and the real reward… making a difference in the lives of others?

Tell me what you think in the comments box or drop me a quick email. I’d love to hear from you and your own thoughts on success.

Until next time… Let’s seek to understand more and judge less. Have a great week – Brian

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