Welcome To Precision Profiling


What if it was possible to measure and map the motivational drivers behind the behaviours of your people with laser-like precision?

What if you could get behind what drives them personally, and select, promote or develop each person according to their natural preferences? How much better could your organisation be?

What makes your key people tick?

I’m talking about your senior executives; your peak performers; your key staff; and even your future leaders – those whom you’ve ‘earmarked’ for future development and progression. In other words, what makes them “tick”… and why they perform the way that they do, so that you can make informed choices on how to best leverage their talents for the benefit of your organisation.

Predicting performance with confidence…

And with candidates for key roles or senior positions, what if you could predict with some confidence how they will be motivated to perform in their role, before they even set foot in your company, regardless of their ability or skill? No more square pegs for round holes. No more angst over whether you made the right decision with a new hire. We give you the key to unlocking the critical first three months of the ‘on-boarding’ process, and beyond.

Decoding your people’s motivational ‘fingerprints’…

Based on the latest research in cognitive science, it is now possible to decode and map the motivational drivers unique to each person no matter what their level of employment… from CEO to front line staff. In essence – their motivational ‘fingerprint’ if you will, to give you a level of insight that was once a mystery but can now be revealed.

Drawn from the latest research in behavioural technology…

I’m genuinely excited to share with you what we can now do for you and your company that was never available to you before the dawning of this new millennium. And it’s been proven time and time again inside thousands of companies just like yours throughout the world since its first arrival on the scene in 2000. From global behemoths to private companies, and everything in between. And in particular, I and my colleagues have taken these latest developments in Quantitative measurement and combined that with a level of sophistication in Qualitative assessment, that has never been achieved before, according to our peers around the world. And that’s precisely what I would love to do for you.

So now it is over to you.

I personally invite you to come in and have a look around the site, and then contact me for further advice and information tailored just for you and your people. You will find on each page specific advice on various solutions that we can design to suit your particular situation, whatever that may be.

I hope you find the site simple to navigate and the detailed information easy to follow.  Also I welcome your feedback as well as your enquiries, so I look forward to talking with you very soon.


Brian Clark, CEO

P.S. If you are particularly interested in gaining insight into what are your own unique motivational drivers within your work context, just click  “Here”  right now.