The Ultimate Gesture in Staff Appreciation

Here is a wonderful story to kick off 2014 with regard to employer-employee relations. A Texas restaurant owner is selling his family business of 17 years to donate the money to his teenage waitress needing urgent treatment for a brain tumour. Brittany Mathis

Brittany Mathis can’t afford the operation because she doesn’t have health insurance, so her boss Michael De Beyer is selling his Texas eatery. German restaurant owner Michael De Beyer said he “can’t just be standing by and doing nothing” while 19-year-old waitress Brittany Mathis succumbs to her potentially deadly condition.

Brittany Mathis was diagnosed with the small ping-pong ball sized tumour in December but can’t afford surgery to remove it because she doesn’t have health insurance to cover the cost of the operation. Already since her tumour was diagnosed, her medical bills have been piling up. The kind-hearted boss is selling his business to help his teenage waitress receive potentially life-saving brain tumour surgery.

Other members of the Mathis family work at the restaurant and De Beyer said he felt a moral obligation to help them out. “Here’s a family, they really work hard they have had a lot of stuff go against them in the past and they are not holding their hand out. They didn’t even ask anybody for help,” he said.

Brittany Mathis works as a hostess, server, and helps out in other ways at the restaurant. She has brain cancer in the form of a ping-pong ball sized tumour in her brain. Mathis learned that she had the tumour after a neurosurgeon examined her and conducted an MRI and CAT Scan.

Brittany had entered the hospital after complaining of headaches, poor vision, and dizziness. Brittany’s tumour is on the left side of her skull, which has led to a rash on the side of her face.

Her father John, reportedly died from a brain aneurysm caused by a tumour in 2000.

Brittany’s mum Barbara Mathis, who also works at the Kaiserhof restaurant with her older sister Kay, is desperate for any help she can get to save her daughter.

The teenager described the offer as an “amazing blessing” adding she “never thought anybody would do that”.

This story is a timely reminder of the true value of wealth creation in business and the difference we can make to the lives we touch through financial success. I am sure that the owner of the Kaiserhof, Michael De Beyer, will reap the reward of his act of kindness in many different ways, not the least of which is the worldwide attention that has been focused on his decision to sell and the potential buyers it may bring as a result. Both he and his young employee and her family who also work for Michael, will all hopefully share in the positive outcomes as a result.

Here’s the story in full.

Until next time… Let’s seek to understand more and judge less. Have a wonderful week and a prosperous New Year. – Brian

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