The Passing of a Pioneer in the field of Profiling and Behavioural Modelling

Just, yesterday I heard the sad news of the passing of Dr Marilyn Powell, PhD, who was a pioneer in the field of behavioural modelling and profiling in Australasia. Marilyn was the founder and CEO of EQatWork, a Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Applied Science and a Master Practitioner and International Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She was instrumental in introducing the behavioural testing methodology to me and many others around the world who specialise in this field of high performance profiling and modelling.

Pioneer in the field of Behavioural Modelling and Profiling

Dr Marilyn Powell

While Marilyn was known for constantly pushing the boundaries in the understanding of complex human behaviour, I would prefer to remember her as the warm and engaging human being that she was who was unselfish in her desire to share the latest discoveries in understanding human performance in the workplace, with her students.

Marilyn will be sadly missed by all who knew her, and at the young age of 57, her passing due to a brief illness, was way too soon for someone who had so much to give to organisational leadership in Australia and New Zealand. I have lost a dear friend and mentor but I take comfort in the fact that the work I and other professionals like me do in the field of human behaviour and peak performance will carry her ground breaking work forward, in her memory. Colleagues, students and friends around the world have much to thank Dr Marilyn Powell for, as do many organisations here and overseas who have been the beneficiaries of Marilyn’s work.

As I honour the memory of Dr Marilyn Powell in this post, I think it is a timely reminder to all of us about the fragility of our human existence, and how important it is to live this life we have to the fullest and to leave a lasting legacy for those who follow, just as Dr Powell did. When the curtain is drawn on each of our lives those whom we leave behind will not remember how much wealth we had accumulated; the number of tasks we had completed…reports we had written nor the hundreds of thousands of emails we had churned through. No, I believe that the only thing of lasting memory we will leave behind, is the difference we made in their lives, and the time we invested in supporting them on their own journey.

Marilyn Powell was one of those people, and because of that, whenever I do the work I do, I will remember fondly the difference she made to my professional growth, and more importantly, I will remember the kindness and humility with which she delivered her ‘pearls of wisdom’ from her years of research and training. God Bless you Marilyn. The next chapter on your own glorious journey has now just begun.

Until next time… Let’s seek to understand more and judge less.

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