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Hunger Project LogoThe Hunger Project is setting a whole new pace for charities.  They are one of the most financially efficient ‘Not-For-Profit’ organisations on the planet. They are committed to spending less than twenty percent on overheads, which includes fundraising and administration, while they go about the business of changing both the lives of the donor-investors and their recipients as equal partners in the process.

For example in 2012, thirteen percent of their income went toward fundraising and administration, while eighty seven percent went directly to programs.

Hunger Project NavliThey are setting new standards for the Not-For-Profit sector globally, in particular for women in the workplace, not just in the countries they are working in to end world hunger (more on that later) but also in companies of the developed world with whom they partner.  For example, one of Australia’s ‘Big Four’, the Commonwealth Bank, sends their top executives overseas on tour with The Hunger Project every year to learn more about leadership, diversity and entrepreneurship with deeper learning gained from every visit.

The Hunger Project does things differently.  They believe that hungry people themselves are the key to ending hunger. By changing mindsets of their village partners in India, Bangladesh and Africa, they empower women and men to bring about change in their own communities. Top-down, aid-driven charity models often fail to reach the people who need the most help. To be sustainable, The Hunger Project discovered three critical elements that, when combined, empower people to make rapid progress in overcoming hunger and poverty:-Hunger Project Women Animators

1. Mobilisation for self-reliance
2. Empowering women as key change-agents for development
3. Making local government work

Here are some of the companies which are standing up, taking notice and getting on board with this this very small but influential global organisation:-

•    McKinsey and Co
•    Commonwealth Bank
•    Business Chicks

Hunger Project Mother and ChildWhat is The Hunger Project doing that is getting people so excited and enthusiastic?  They are getting their investors deeply involved with the experience and process of working to end world hunger in the developing world and they are giving those of us who decide to help them in this quest a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in our own lives, through their process of investor engagement.

As world renowned psychologist and author Dr Martin Seligman PhD, states, “There are five key parts to leading a great authentic and purposeful life”:-

•    Positive emotions
•    Engagement (losing oneself in the moment and losing all sense of time)
•    Relationships (positive relationships)
•    Meaning and purpose
•    Accomplishment

Hunger Project NursesThe Hunger Project manages to not only help their village partners tap into all five categories, they also help their investors to tap deeply into every one of these aspects.  This is an example of an organisation that doesn’t try to take the credit – they are constantly giving credit to others at every possible turn.

This is how THP makes such a huge difference in the lives of both the givers and receivers…

Firstly, they ask people like you and me to agree to fundraise $10,000 to give to a community in the developing world.  Then they take us and other likeminded contributors along with them into that community to immerse ourselves in the project and witness first-hand the difference we are making.

They educate us as investors to look out for the incredible leadership skills we observe while in that village partner community. By asking the people of those communities to share their own stories with us, they ensure that we, the audience, receive genuine value from hearing those stories.

Hunger Project Women in politicsThey educate the women in those communities who are being helped and encourage those of them who want to, to step into positions of local power. This takes a lot of courage for the women involved. Not every woman wants to and that’s okay.  The Hunger Project does this because statistically the women are far more likely to give back… to make a difference…  and to seek ways to empower their entire community.

They encourage participating investors who have been on the tours to run leadership programs for others.  They give them a stage to share the leadership stories that they have witnessed which in turn recruits others who may want to join the process as well as inspire people to give more and be part of making a much bigger contribution to the world.

The Hunger Project leaders think differently. They involve people at every level. They are forging new paths and opening minds in the process.  They are not just a charity, they are revolutionising the way people think when they give and are setting new standards of personal involvement.

Bruce Poon Tip, CEO and founder of Global award winning tour company G Adventures, made the comment that happiness has three components:-

G Adventures - Bruce Poon Tip1.    People need to feel connected (to each other/to a cause/to the planet – they just need to feel connected)
2.    They need to feel that they have control over their own life
3.    They need to be part of something bigger than themselves

G Adventures and The Hunger Project are examples of two organisations that allow their clients to do just that and the positive impact of their efforts are beginning to be felt around the globe.

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Until then… Let’s seek to understand more and judge less. Have a great week – Brian

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