Due to the nature of the relationship with each of our clients, some of the following testimonials have been provided with the understanding that their details will remain confidential. Consequently some of the listed testimonials will be listed without a name.

General Testimonials – Consulting, Coaching and Training

Brian provides an outstanding executive coaching service; demonstrating an intuitive ability to work at the core of an individual’s particular aims and objectives, providing a very real and objective path to achieving exceptional results. ~ Shane Bewry, General Manager – Sourcing and Commercial, One Steel Ltd

Brian is a passionate, skilled and experienced profiling practitioner, executive coach and consultant. He cares deeply about people and works to an exceptionally high standard. He is only happy if he can provide added value and works tirelessly to that end. He is capable of exacting and detailed work but with an uncanny eye for the big picture and what will get the best results for the client. ~ David Williams, National Project Manager QMA (Ret.), BMW Australia Ltd

Brian has worked with my team for over twenty years. His understanding of how to get the best out of your people and your brand makes him an essential partner to our business. Quite clearly the many customer focused projects and team cultural dynamics that Brian has introduced to Reho Travel have had a tremendous effect on our increased volume of business and resulting profitability, culminating with our winning the national award for ‘Best Travel Agency – Metropolitan’. Thanks to Brian, we now have the confidence to implement change, the ability to inspire, and the courage to empower our people to make decisions. ~ 
Karsten Horne, Managing Director, Reho Travel Pty Ltd

Having worked with Brian on a number of consulting projects, I can attest to his absolute dedication to quality and results. He is uncompromising in his focus on what is best for the client and always goes ‘above and beyond’ to produce a quality outcome. Without question, I would highly recommend Brian for any HR consulting projects. ~ 
Anneli Blundell, Director, Motivation Matters Pty Ltd

In highly successful companies’ history there is often a period or an event or it may even be a person who changes the direction of a company from mediocrity to an era of outstanding performance. Brian Clark laid the foundations for this by changing people’s attitudes, and therefore was the catalyst in creating the environment in which these changes could be made. Brian’s elite communication skills, deep technical knowledge and positive influence have been priceless on that journey. ~ 
Darin Betro, past Director, Rowe & Jarman Pty Ltd

The method and techniques of Brian’s coaching have imbedded strong principles in me which I continue to draw on each day with my work. The knowledge I gained from him has made a significant difference to our effectiveness resulting in a 200% increase in direct sales to our target market, the Top 200 based companies. ~ 
Warwick Angus, past Business Development Manager – Tax Management Solutions, Ernst & Young

Over the years I have attended many senior management courses, both in the UK and in Australia. These have been conducted by many prominent figures in the world of business performance. Most of my assignments have been in changing business and changing cultures, and in transforming business performance. Over the years I have sought more and more knowledge in this area and have read many books by all the supposedly world’s best people. Without doubt and without qualification, I believe that Brian’s World Class Best Practice study program was the most informative and enlightening experience of my business career. I have certainly become a disciple for what he is doing. The experience has been truly memorable and I am sure it will add value to both myself and our employees, and ultimately our customers as a result. ~ 
Alan Nelson; previous Regional General Manager, National Rail

I want to say what an excellent job Brian Clark did with an important client of ours recently. He invested the time with me and the client managing director to develop a tailored programme. He took a very disparate and sceptical group of people and pitched his facilitation perfectly. The way he did this was not just to get people talking about how they could turn things around, but really believing in it and being committed to doing so. I would warmly recommend him to other organisations. ~ 
Paul Southwick, Principal, Maxik Consulting

I was fortunate to be coached by Brian Clark, who has been an enormous help in assisting me to branch out and look at opportunities outside of what I thought I was confined to. His experience and knowledge played an integral role in my vision as I assessed the next phase of my career. The tools and resources he used in this process created a shift in mindset for me that enabled me to view things differently and consider opportunities I may have otherwise overlooked. I highly recommend Brian Clark to any organisation about to undergo a transition in structure or business, as a resource for its people. ~ 
Ernie Papadopoulos, Regional Business Manager, Optus Ltd

Brian has been exceptionally diligent and professional in his work with our clients. He has delivered high quality results both with Career Transition clients and with Senior Executive and Candidate assessments. His consistent focus is to deliver the best possible outcome for both our company and our client.  ~
 Maggie Kelly, Managing Director, Successful Executive Pty Ltd

Brian’s facilitation skills are highly engaging, professional and effective. His coaching is awesome. He is an attentive listener and grasps the essence of an issue or a situation with blinding speed. He makes himself available ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ and the program that he conducted gave me a tremendous opportunity to develop a positive plan of action to carry me forward into the years ahead. ~ 
Matthew McKee, Client of a corporate Transitional Coaching program

Brian, I cannot thank you enough for the generosity of your time and all of your support, guidance and coaching through this transitional period of my life. Amongst many things, you have taught me to trust my instinct and luckily I did when I sought you out, somehow knowing you were a wise man with a heart of gold. But even then I never thought that the change in me would be so significant. Most importantly, through the various strategies you have taught me, my self confidence and my self belief have changed dramatically. There have been massive improvements so far. This has been such an important chapter in my life because of you and for that I will be forever grateful. ~
 Maria Potter, Client of a corporate Transitional Coaching program

Confidential feedback received from senior executives, high value executive candidates and business owners on the Precision Profiling® process and methodology

I just want to thank you. This has been a great learning experience for me. Especially in the interview…and the questions you asked. It made me think about myself and I want to thank you for that experience. I did learn a lot about myself during your interview.  ~ 
Candidate for a Senior Executive position in a global corporation

We completed personal profiles on both directors of our company and Brian Clark helped us to identify some key performances that will cause us trouble if we don’t rectify them immediately. We are now in the process of hiring another employee who has the system skills we are lacking, which will allow us to focus more on the work we love – talking to clients and securing new business. The only regret we have is that we didn’t perform this profiling earlier to identify the gaps at the start of launching our business. ~ 
Directors of a start-up Multimedia company

I highly recommend Brian and Precision Profiling. I believe this is an invaluable product for business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone who is committed to their success. The process helped me to understand myself and focus on my strengths and find others to help me with the areas I am weak in. Brian is an expert at this and is amazing at what he does. I was so impressed with his work, that I recently ran a webinar to my database and invited Brian in as the expert to help my database of business owners learn more about the importance of using Precision Profiling for themselves and also for their team. ~ 
Andrew Roberts, Managing Director, Roberts Coaching. Founding Partner, HowtoWebinar

I think you are doing me a favour. You are doing (XYZ Ltd) a favour. By finding out whether there is a suitable match between their expectation and my expectation and I really appreciate you taking the trouble. Thank you for all the insights you gave me and the way you conducted the interview. ~ 
Candidate for a C-level position in a major resource company

I’ve been through a heap of these sorts of things before, but you’ve nailed me with this! ~ 
Senior Executive of a national utilities provider

The profile that Precision Profiling completed for me personally has drastically improved my professional career as a Project Engineer. It re-aligned my focus on what my natural skills were and I was able to secure a role much more suited to my passions and abilities within a month of the profiling debrief. I am now doing a job that is aligned with my long term goals and passions. Brian is absolutely fantastic and extremely passionate about ensuring his clients are getting the best possible value for their money. ~ 
D. Kalnins, Project Engineer, Thiess Pty Ltd

Wow. This is me! This is really me. I am going to take this home and show my wife, and say, “Here you go, here is everything you need to know about me… at least at work” ~ 
C-level Executive of a global corporation

I have been through some psychometric analysis before, however none of it was as thorough as the one we went through. Thanks, I really appreciated the opportunity to discuss the results. I have never experienced that before. ~ 
Candidate for a C-level position in a global corporation

I have undertaken one or two profiles over the last five to seven years, but with this one I felt very nice about the way you conducted it. You could probably get your answer in a different way but you have a very pleasant way of putting things… of asking questions and getting to the information that you need and you are not offending… you are not coming across very direct… you are not making any judgments about anything and that’s the best part about talking to you in the last two and a half hours. ~ 
Candidate for a Senior Executive position in a global corporation

Precision Profiling has changed the way I approach people and also the environments that I work in. It has given me insight into where my success lies in the future and has given me plenty of areas to avoid. Brian’s insight not only on the quantitative data but also his qualitative interpretation was amazing. The time he invested went well beyond my expectations and he made sure that he delivered a report and a debrief that surpassed my experience of all other profiling tools, companies and questionnaires that I have ever come across before. Simply put, anybody who has to deal with people or is interested in finding out how they ‘tick’ must invest in themselves and contact Precision Profiling in order to gain essential insight into themselves. ~ 
Janek Pierce, Business Director, Breakthrough Apps

Thank you so much for the extended time that you allowed me to have with you during our debrief. It was great to… a) get so much depth and knowledge from someone who is clearly an expert in the field and… b) to get such amazing insights into not only how I work, but also myself and my business partner together. For this I am really grateful. ~ 
Business owner of an IT design company

I thought I understood all of my direct reports extremely well, and what you have shared with me certainly reinforces most of what I know, which is great. But the real value that I have received from you are the insights about some of them that I had not only missed, but actually misinterpreted from their actions. Now I will look at those team members again in a different, much more appreciative light. ~ 
CFO of a major international organisation