What do you do when Reference Checks throw up two diametrically opposed assessments?

Project ManagementThis happened to a global resource company client of mine a couple of years ago. They had advertised for a senior engineer to fulfil the role of Project Manager for all of their major feasibility studies that were in the pipeline. The person they had shortlisted had all of the right experience and qualifications, and had recently been employed in a role at another company that involved major project oversight. Prior to that, this candidate had a succession of business development type roles which relied on his engineering experience and training. According to my client he seemed like the right person for the job. Certainly he seemed to ‘tick all the right boxes,’ but there was something that didn’t quite seem to gel in their due diligence and so they asked me for my assessment. It concerned the fact that the two reference checks they had undertaken were throwing up anomalies that they could not reconcile and they wanted to know why. Here is what I discovered…
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Your Unconscious Patterns that drive your behaviour (or how to understand cats!)

If you are or have been a cat owner then I know you’ll love this story, because this could be you. If you have never owned a cat before then you should definitely read further, because it may help you to understand people and their unconscious patterns better, especially those who work with or for you.

This story about unconscious patterns of behaviour was told to me many years ago by one of the world’s elite behavioural researchers – NLP Certified Master Trainer and Behavioural Modeler, Marvin Oka, and I believe its message is even more valid today during these times of rapid change in the workforce than ever before. Enjoy… [Read more...]