‘Idealisation’ – A New Word with a BIG Meaning

Thank You WaterThere’s a new word to describe a wonderful movement that started here in Melbourne just five years ago which has been taking our country by storm. Idealisation – The Realisation of an Ideal through an Idea whose time has come. The cause that I speak of is Thankyou Water – until recently a little known social enterprise which is destined to have a global impact on the provision of safe water to those communities for whom safe drinking water, staple food and basic hygiene is a non-existent commodity. I know that the catch-phrase ‘Social Entrepreneurism’ has been bandied about to explain this new breed of thinking where ‘making a difference’ in the world goes well beyond just plain charity, but I believe that this new description of mine, “Idealisation,”  better describes the essence of what this amazing young team of social entrepreneurs is all about. Here’s a short history of their incredible journey so far… [Read more...]

What Positives can come from a Racist Remark at the Football? More than you Think if you Look at it Differently

This weekend our papers were filled with the story about a 13 yo girl yelling a racist slur at one of our footy champions playing in the stadium in front of her and many thousands of fans. AFL Footballer responding to  racial abuseThe champion took offense, pointed out the transgressor to security and she was evicted from the ground in front of her shocked and embarrassed parent. There are many ways to view this episode and many points of view depending on what particular attitude you happen to have on the subject of racial slurs. I don’t intend to add my commentary to the rights and wrongs of what was said and done but what I would like to do is share an important lesson we learn from this incident about perceptions and the ‘framing’ we place around situations at work. [Read more...]

Try a Little Tenderness

In the work I do as a profiler and behavioural modeller, I often despair that our new world of on-line engagement does not allow for all of the nuances that originate from knowing someone really well through discovery, observation, interaction and good old fashioned ‘time investment’ into the relationship, and where one could count one’s closest friends or most valuable client relationships on the fingers of the both hands. [Read more...]

Marketing to Gen Y: What you can’t afford not to know

This article written by Bea Fields, was sent to me by good friends, Janek Pearce and Daniel Kalnins of Breakthrough Apps, whose company specialises in creating great apps for businesses large and small who have embraced the ‘smart phone’ culture. Janek and Daniel reckon that Bea Fields’ article (and her book) is right ‘on the money.’ Given that they market to this generation also, I respect their opinion. So dive into this article and enjoy some of Bea’s insights. (I have listed her contact web site at the end of the article for those of you who want to know more.) It’s a few paras longer than my usual blog, but I think you’ll appreciate reading it to the end… Brian.

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