Australia’s Election is over and our outgoing PM gives a Victory Speech!

Kevin Rudd on Election nightSo at last the election is over and we can get on with our lives. We have a new conservative government  and a new Prime Minister, Mr Tony Abbott. Once again I would like to draw your attention to the language used by our outgoing Prime Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd, as he delivered his 30 minute concession speech. From what the pundits are saying, it seems I may not be the only one who wondered whether he had achieved a marvellous victory, rather than a resounding defeat. It seems to me that Mr Rudd was attempting to “reframe” the loss as a victory of sorts, but in my opinion it falls short for a number of reasons. [Read more...]

What Drastic Action did 30yo Kjerstin Gruys take in 2011 and what Lesson does it give to us all about Authenticity?

Kjerstin GruysIn 2011, this beautiful young woman did not look at a mirror for a year. Even on her wedding day and right up to the point of walking down the aisle Kjerstin stayed true to her commitment. For one whole year Kjerstin covered up all the mirrors in her house and at work, and even if she caught the slightest glimpse of herself in reflections outside of home, Kjersten would quickly look away. She spent those 52 weeks blindly putting on make-up and combing her hair and relied on her friends and family to assure her that she looked okay. [Read more...]

How to Avoid the costly Mistake of having Square Pegs in Round Holes

In my previous blog I asked the question whether your job is a good ‘fit’ for you I and shared with you some great questions to ask yourself if you are not sure. Here is an example of what happens when a highly qualified and fully committed executive is a poor match for his role, even though he has all of the skills and experience needed. Hopefully this is not your or your company’s experience. [Read more...]

One Size does not Fit all

Many profiling systems place people in boxes, colours, quadrants or types, the descriptions of which are generalised. This generalisation of so-called ‘typologies’ means that each type does not exclusively refer to the individual person being assessed. Furthermore, because these preferences do not necessarily track the actual thinking behind someone’s behaviours and performance at work, they are often described as “Personality Profiles.” But we all know that each of us are much more than that. [Read more...]

The Myth about Goals and Motivation

What do Mother Teresa, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela all have in common?

Nelson Mandela

 I am sure we would all agree that they are amazing leaders whose impact past and present have had lasting positive influence on generations that followed. That is why we still talk about them today in such reverent terms.

But there is something else that speaks to the heart of the matter when we talk about goals and the legacies that each of those revered and loved leaders leave in their wake, and it is not what you would expect. [Read more...]