Fathers Day Downunder – A Tribute from the Trenches

Dad and DaughterYesterday was Fathers Day Downunder so I am going to be a little self indulgent and share my ‘perfect day’ with you. I was woken an hour earlier than I’d planned to the raucous chorus of my seven and ten year old. I received toast crumbs in my bed and juice splashed on my bedclothes, with the delivery of my “binb” surprise. I was compared to aliens from other worlds and came out on top (‘best Dad in the whole Solar System and Galaxy’). My gifts (nothing over $5 allowed please) brought tears of laughter as I invented a myriad of uses I could put them to and then some, much to the satisfaction of my little boy and girl. I played adjudicator for the argument between siblings as to whose presents were better (declared a ‘draw’). I watched my Fathers Day lollies being devoured by those more needy than me, and I agreed that a trip to the local pancake house was indeed my choice of eatery for lunch. And then there were the hand designed and written cards… the icing on the proverbial cakes. [Read more...]

A Modest Hero and His legacy

I still remember the time and the place. Our teacher had brought in his portable TV with the ‘rabbit ears’ antenna to school, and we all sat glued to that set while we marveled at what was unfolding before us.

Neil Armstrong, Pioneer

In grainy black and white pictures we all watched enthralled as Neil Armstrong tentatively took those first steps on to the lunar surface and declared his immortal words, “That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.” And now he is gone. He will remain etched in my memory as the man who led the way into a new era of possibility. [Read more...]