Career Transition – A Sign of the Times

Brian TrainingIt seems like every day we read of more and more people being let go from their current employment or losing their contract, when only a week earlier their immediate future seemed secure.

Regardless of what our political leaders say about the current situation, I think no one can deny that our general confidence about the economic climate today and years to come has taken a battering. In my experience of working on behalf of companies to assist their people who have been confronted with the reality of moving on, here’s some of what I share with them. [Read more...]

What do You do if your Team is Underperforming? Part 3 – Creating the Structure and Support

In my previous blog, “Part 2 – Setting the Scene,” we covered the key elements of creating the mood for change from both the ‘carrot and stick’ points of view. Once the critical need Training and Developmenttfor change in performance has been clearly laid out by the leadership as the prevailing theme, it is time to set up the support structures so that those who are willing to change have a clear blueprint to follow. It begins with Training and Education, not surprisingly… [Read more...]

The Myth about Goals and Motivation – How knowing this might be the key for you

As we discovered from my previous blog, not everyone is motivated by striving towards goals. Some are motivated to move away from problems. Just like Abraham Lincoln and the abolition of slavery for example.

The key is to discover for yourself which is your motivational preference. Gain vs Pain? Carrot vs Stick?  Here is an example of the huge difference knowing which it is for you can make to your career and your life. [Read more...]