It’s Halfway through the Election Campaign and have you noticed the Subtle Shift in the Language of our PM?

Kevin RuddMany commentators are now talking about the negative shift in advertising by the incumbent Labor Government towards a fear-mongering campaign. This comes as Mr Rudd departs from his pledge for kinder politics and launches into a negative advertising campaign attacking the opposition leader. There is no coincidence that this shift in campaign focus follows the latest opinion polls indicating that Labor’s primary vote is falling away dramatically. However I want to draw your attention to another far more subtle indication that the personal focus of our Prime Minister has shifted considerably in the past 48 hours. [Read more...]

Election Time in the Land of Oz and Ten Things you are Guaranteed to Witness

Australia VotesBuckle up folks, the campaign has begun.  Five weeks of claim and counter-claim; five weeks of promises, promises, promises… or should I say… core promises; non-core promises; generalised promises; promises that say a lot but mean very little; promises to undo; promises to stitch up; motherhood statements; quick grabs of meaningless platitudes and so the list goes on. Call me a cynic, but as a student of language and behaviour, this next five weeks is sure to give me heaps of material to share with you. To start the ball rolling, here’s some of what you can be sure to see and hear… [Read more...]

What do You do if your Team is Underperforming? Part 3 – Creating the Structure and Support

In my previous blog, “Part 2 – Setting the Scene,” we covered the key elements of creating the mood for change from both the ‘carrot and stick’ points of view. Once the critical need Training and Developmenttfor change in performance has been clearly laid out by the leadership as the prevailing theme, it is time to set up the support structures so that those who are willing to change have a clear blueprint to follow. It begins with Training and Education, not surprisingly… [Read more...]

How to Avoid the costly Mistake of having Square Pegs in Round Holes

In my previous blog I asked the question whether your job is a good ‘fit’ for you I and shared with you some great questions to ask yourself if you are not sure. Here is an example of what happens when a highly qualified and fully committed executive is a poor match for his role, even though he has all of the skills and experience needed. Hopefully this is not your or your company’s experience. [Read more...]

Try a Little Tenderness

In the work I do as a profiler and behavioural modeller, I often despair that our new world of on-line engagement does not allow for all of the nuances that originate from knowing someone really well through discovery, observation, interaction and good old fashioned ‘time investment’ into the relationship, and where one could count one’s closest friends or most valuable client relationships on the fingers of the both hands. [Read more...]

The Passing of a Pioneer in the field of Profiling and Behavioural Modelling

Just, yesterday I heard the sad news of the passing of Dr Marilyn Powell, PhD, who was a pioneer in the field of behavioural modelling and profiling in Australasia. [Read more...]