Some More ‘Home Grown’ Tips for Company Culture – Part 2

Tip #4

When it comes to ‘values violators’ you have to draw a line in the sand, regardless of their performance. Jack Welch, ex CEO of General Electric, said it best. To précis him…

… We have four types of executives in our company. Type 1 deliver the results and believe in our values. We hold them up as role models. Type 2 do not meet their commitments nor do they share our values. That’s a no brainer. They need to leave. Type 3 believe in our values but sometimes fall short in their performance commitments. They need to be supported, mentored and coached, and if that fails we need to find the right fit for them. Type 4 deliver short term, measurable results, but without regard to our company values. They are the most difficult to deal with because they ‘bring home the bacon’ while people get hurt in the process. Our decision to remove Type 4 executives was a watershed for our company. Once we took those tough decisions, our message to our people was clear and our culture flourished.

Tip #5

“DRH” or “HRD”?  Which is your focus?

Language is such a powerful tool for understanding and influence, especially in the business of business. For example, imagine you are the manager of “HRD.”  i.e. Human Resource Development. That label says a lot.  Immediately you get the feeling that these people for whom you are responsible are merely ‘resources’ or ‘things’ to be moved around and developed like a master puppeteer. Just like other resources such as raw materials; working capital; or facilities. Just numbers on a page. But they are not. They are your human capital not ‘head-count’ – the most amazing and potentially powerful resource you have. So what if you were to re-title yourself as manager of “DRH”.  i.e. Development of Resourceful Humans. Now where does your focus go? And how might your goals and plans change as a result of being the manager of DRH? That’s food for thought.

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