Team Dynamics & Selection

Team Dynamics & Selection

The Objective:

To greatly enhance team harmony, morale, productivity and optimum performance through the targeted selection and ‘mapping’ of team members and the resulting team dynamics.

The Challenge:

As the old saying goes… ‘a champion team will always outperform a team of champions.’ This could never be truer nor more critical to success than in these current times of economic uncertainty, rapid change and employee portability. So often it transpires that a team of individuals who all have the requisite skills and competencies find it difficult to ‘gel’ into a high performing team, and often dysfunction, disillusionment and high staff turnover is the result.

The Solution:

By measuring and interpreting each team member’s Motivational Map relative to each other, it is now possible to uncover what drives them to do what they do in their work environment and how each set of individual preferences and patterns impacts on the overall functioning of the team. Motivational Maps allow individual team members to see each other more clearly, understand each other better, and adapt accordingly to accommodate the differing working styles and communication styles from within the group. The ultimate pay-off is increased harmony and greater productivity as a result. The stuff that high performing teams are made of.

The Benefits of Individual and Team Profiling:

  • Insight into the individual motivational patterns of each team member
  • Better understanding of each person’s particular ‘fit’ for their role
  • Greater understanding and acceptance by each team member of their team colleagues
  • More harmonious and productive environment
  • Lower incidence of ‘fall-out’ and staff turnover
  • Enhanced level of team cohesion and morale
  • Greater probability of high performance at both the individual and team levels
  • Better understanding of the collective team ‘psyche’ at play


  • Quantitative Analysis of each team member utilising pattern recognition and assessment via the on-line iWAM test (Inventory of Work Attitudes & Motivations)
  • Accumulation of individual reports into a collective team report
  • Graphical display of the results of each member relative to the whole team, measured against the standard population
  • Emanating from the combined team report, the creation of a team ‘Cultural Map’ to assist with future selection and ‘fit’ for role (Optional depending on requirements)