Senior Executive & Candidate Profiling


The Objective:

To assess, decode and measure at the unconscious level, the motivational drivers and patterns of thinking and behaviour of senior executives for both internal and external appointments.

The Challenge:

Once, not so long ago, organisations could only select or promote based on very limited criteria….

  1. Competency – can they do the job?
  2. Previous Experience – has someone else said they can do the job?
  3. Gut Feeling – do we think they can do the job?
  4. Rapport – do we like them enough to want them to do the job?
  5. Performance over Time – after 3-6 months of trial and error, will we discover if they can do the job?

The missing ingredients which are crucial to the final decision are Attitudes and Motivations – are they the right fit/best fit for the job? These measures are arguably the most important and effective predictors of job performance.

The Solution:

As a result of ground-breaking research and development in psychometric testing over the past ten years, it is now possible to predict with a certain degree of confidence, how an executive will be most likely motivated to perform, behave and communicate in his/her specific work environment. This means that you can now unlock the motivational code for improving engagement, effectiveness and performance in the workforce from the highest to the most basic levels of employment. This Precision Profiling® methodology utilising the iWAM (Inventory of Work Attitudes and Motivations) instrument and LAB (Language and Behaviour) assessment, measures at the very fundamental level where the unconscious drivers take place. Not only can we now measure what motivates someone at work, but also to what degree and by how much these drivers motivate them, compared to the rest of the standard population.

The Benefits of Executive Assessment/Candidate Precision Profiling®:

  • It can be fully integrated into the HR processes, helping organisations to make informed decisions about selection and recruitment, internal promotion, coaching and mentoring… right through to ‘high potential’ career development and succession planning.
  • It leads to more effective induction and ‘on-boarding’ designed to suit each new appointee’s particular needs.
  • Understanding people is never black and white. Precision Profiling® measures the shades of grey that provide a ‘laser’ understanding about what is really driving someone in the workplace… not broadly but specifically.
  • It helps to decode general behaviours and reveal further distinctions and insights about people that were previously not available from mere observation… over time you may have been able to observe what someone is motivated to do, but up until now you could never fully understand why they were motivated to do it, especially at the unconscious level which they can’t even explain themselves. Now you can.

Unique Insights Gained:

The sort of insights that have been communicated to senior HR and line managers about their internal or external executive candidate as a result of the Precision Profiling® process, have explained that person’s motivational drivers and patterns of thinking and communicating to a level of understanding that could only previously have been gained from six months or more of a close working relationship, if at all. This invaluable information cannot arguably be gained in any other way, and certainly not within such a short period of time and with the immediacy that Precision Profiling® can deliver. The knowledge that a company gleans from these insights is a proven recipe for more incisive and effective candidate selection or promotion, and for more targeted information into successful ‘on-boarding’ or personal career development. This assists immeasurably in ensuring that an organisation’s external candidate/internal succession selection processes are conducted at world’s best practice levels.