Staff Recruitment & Development

Staff Recruitment & Development

The Objective:

To predict the likely behaviour of new recruits and to assess their motivational ‘fit’ for their intended position, and to discover what will be needed to keep them engaged and performing at their optimum level.

The Challenge:

With regard to the recruitment and development of the right staff, almost all organisations accept that motivation is one of the key ingredients to success, but most don’t test for it because they don’t know how to. Those that do attempt to measure the critical factors that drive successful employee engagement rely on broad-based generic Employee Satisfaction Surveys, which give no meaningful indication of how each individual is driven to perform at their best or why. Being able to obtain an individualised measurement of each and every employee’s motivational drivers unique to them and which are applicable to the work that they do, is the key to effective staff recruitment and development.

The Solution:

Competency is not always a guarantee for success. Just because a person has a certain capability doesn’t mean they’re necessarily motivated to use it in a particular way. Based on recent discoveries in cognitive research, it is now possible to statistically measure 48 motivational and attitudinal drivers to create a unique fingerprint of someone’s motivation at work. These drivers give insight into their behaviour, their communication style, and ultimately their performance. Being able to decode someone’s patterns of motivation that are attributable to them and them only, is the key to unlocking sustained engagement and consistently high performance from within the work environment.

The Benefits of Motivational Mapping:

  • It can be fully integrated into all elements of the HR system, helping companies to make informed decisions about recruitment, internal promotion, coaching and mentoring, targeted training and individual career development.
  • Its full utilisation can lead to increased productivity, greater effectiveness and better performance across the board.
  • It lowers the incidence of misunderstanding and conflict within teams, work groups or business units.
  • It can lead to lower staff turnover and greater retention of the top performers who drive a company’s success.
  • It opens the door to high performance… for individuals; for teams; for companies.
For Example:

You wish to hire a thorough and meticulous individual who:

DescriptionTargeted Motivational Pattern
Is always accurateConvinced by Consistency
Won’t be rushed into hasty decisionsReflecting and Patience
Will check the reports before proceedingConvinced by Reading
Will read the ‘fine print’Depth Orientation
Faithfully follows systems and proceduresFocus on Systems + Follow Procedures
Is risk averseProblem Solving


You wish to hire a customer focused team member who:

DescriptionTargeted Motivational Pattern
Genuinely likes peopleFocus on People
Is a team playerShared Responsibility
Is customer responsiveExternal Reference
Works well with othersAffiliation
Is productive in an open plan environmentGroup Environment
Is great at ‘reading’ peopleAffective Communication