Mergers & Acquisitions – Executive Culture Mapping

Mergers and Acquisitions

The Objective:

To gain unique insight into the motivational patterns of a target organisation’s senior executives and their group culture in order to determine how best to integrate the combined entities, during M&As.

The Challenge:

Regardless of the seemingly bright prospects for a successful merger or acquisition based on comprehensive financial and market analysis, often the union does not lead to the hoped-for outcomes that were predicted. Worse still, it may ultimately lead to organisational dysfunction as the unexpected ‘fall-out.’ The reason is because the key missing ingredient in corporate due diligence is the effective assessment of the ‘courted’ senior executive team’s individual attitudes and motivations and the corresponding impact on their corporate culture. Time and time again it is the ‘human capital’ that is the blind spot of mergers and acquisitions… invariably at the senior executive level of the targeted company… which is where the biggest potential to make or break the merger exists.

The Solution:

Utilising what has been learnt from the most up-to-date research in cognitive science, it is now possible to predict with a certain degree of confidence what motivates each executive to perform in their particular role and what their unique style of communication is likely to be in their specific work environment. Each profile can then be combined with the rest of the executive team to deliver a cultural map of the senior executive “group think” that has been driving the decisions and motivations of the target organisation.

The Benefits of Targeted Mapping:

  • Unique insight gained into the psyches of the targeted senior executives
  • Better understanding of the two diverse cultures that are about to merge
  • Better integration of the recently acquired/merged culture
  • Better allocation of executive resources in the newly formed hybrid organisation
  • Early detection and re-direction of potential blockers
  • Early detection and development of hitherto untapped champions
  • Greatly reduced incidence of ‘square pegs in round holes’
  • Less likelihood of unplanned and unwanted attrition and ‘fall-out’
  • Greater depth of understanding of the individual and team dynamics at play at the senior executive level


  • Targeted Quantitative Analysis of each executive utilising pattern recognition and assessment via the on-line iWAM test (Inventory of Work Attitudes & Motivations)
  • Individual Qualitative Analysis utilising LAB (Language and Behaviour) testing and research
  • Combined Contrastive Analysis of new executive iWAM profiles to formulate a rigorously tested and validated cultural model of the targeted executive team (Optional depending on requirements)
  • Repeat of the above three steps for the host executive team to compare against the culture of the target organisation (Optional depending on requirements)