candidate profilingSenior Executive & Candidate Profiling

To decode and interpret the unconscious motivations and patterns of thinking driving the performance of a senior executive candidate who is being considered for either an internal or external appointment.More


Staff Recruitment & Development

Staff Recruitment & Development

To predict the likely behaviour of new recruits and to assess their motivational “fit” for their intended position… and to discover what will be needed to keep them engaged and performing at optimum level.


Modelling & Replicating ExcellenceModelling & Replicating Excellence

To attract and select staff best suited to key roles based on the creation of a “Model of Excellence” of the team’s peak performers who have been recognised as pivotal to the success of the organisation.


Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A Executive & Culture Mapping

To gain unique insight into the motivational patterns of a target organisation’s senior executives and their group executive culture in order to determine how best to integrate the combined entities, during Mergers and Acquisitions.More


Team Dynamics & SelectionTeam Dynamics & Selection

To greatly enhance team harmony, morale, productivity and optimum performance through the targeted selection and “mapping” of team members and the resulting team dynamics.More


Paired ComparisonsPaired Comparisons

To create a harmonious and productive relationship between two people in the same work environment, whether that be for a manager and a direct report; for business partners; for joint venture parties; or for two colleagues working closely together on a project.


Executive Coach BriefingsExecutive Coach Briefings

To assist the executive coach or mentor to better understand his/her client’s unconscious motivational drivers and language patterns prior to the commencement of the coach-client relationship, and so enhance the effectiveness of the coaching programme.More


Targeted Recruitment

Targeted Recruitment Advertising

To create recruitment advertising which is specifically designed to unconsciously attract and appeal to potential candidates who think and behave in the same way as the requirements needed for the targeted position.More