Nobody Wins Unless We All Do

Given we are slap bang in the middle of the Olympics, I thought you’d appreciate this heart-warming story told to me some years ago. I have also been told that this actually happened but I cannot verify it.  However, it’s message goes to the heart of the matter I feel, in these times of economic austerity and ‘ledger balancing’ leadership decisions, both at the government and corporate level.

One young man set to run in a one hundred metre race in the Special Olympics for intellectually disabled people, had trained for months and months.

But when the gun finally sounded and he leaped out in front of the rest, it seemed the excitement of the race overwhelmed him.

Each foot went in different directions, and the well meaning athlete came tumbling down right in front of the starting block.  The other racers, each as eager as he was to compete in this great event, nevertheless stopped running their own race and turned back to help him.

The crowd rose to their feet as one, as his fellow competitors lovingly lifted him up and then walked arm in arm across the finish line together.

 What would this world of ours be like if we all played by that one rule:  nobody wins unless we all do!

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