Love – the Ultimate Influence Pattern

There is a mighty power in your heart. To experience this power first hand, the next time you are in communication with somebody, imagine that your words are coming from your heart, rather than your mind. While speaking, stay focused on your communication coming from your heart.

As you become practiced, you will see the effect of your heart on the person with whom you are speaking. The power of your heart’s influence will also reach many others, as nothing can get in the way of its powerful radiation. It is a powerful tool in relationship building not to be ignored.

ron barassi

If you’ve ever doubted the awesome power and influence of Love, then consider this true story of one of Victoria’s and Australia’s “living treasures” – Australian Rules football legend – Ron Barassi.

This beautiful story is about Ron Barassi and his father the late Ron Snr, who was killed in action in Tobruk during the Second World War. Knowing he was mortally wounded and barely conscious… his last dying communication with his mates gathered around him was his deep abiding love for his little five year old son – “Ronnie” – and his total concern as to who would be there to watch over him as Ron Jnr grew from a child to an adult over the ensuing years.

One of those surviving mates relived those final moments of communication from Ron Snr on a TV documentary some 70 years later during a show involving Ron Jnr tracing his family history. Ron had never before heard this story until he was listening to this WWII war veteran share his recollection and until this day never really had any lasting memories of his father to treasure being so young when his father left for war. Naturally the resulting heartfelt experience that played out live in front of the cameras and the depth of the emotion it conjured up in Ron Barassi was a magical moment to behold for anyone watching.

Even now as Ron  recalls this episode in other media, the tears of gratitude and a sense of closure are never far from the surface of his normally stoic exterior.

If anyone wonders about this single influence pattern that transcends time and distance consider now how the power of love plays out in our earthly lives. Here is an example of a father’s love for his son and how that message of paternal love and concern at the point of his passing was relayed to his son through communication some 70 years later and the most positively influential effect it had as a result. For Ron it is as if his father was speaking to him today in the most awe-inspiring way.

So what is Love? (Agape as so named by the Greeks – meaning selfless wholesome love)…

It can mean so many things – Self Love; Spiritual Love; Parental Love; Familial Love; Filial Love; Selfless Love; Love of Humanity; Love for one’s Work (Passion); Sacrificial Love; and yet so often it is only ever discussed in our media in the form of Emotional Love; Infatuation; or Sexual Love.

My feeling is that this is the one true influence pattern that we speak so much about but understand so little of — And in our fast paced, electronically engineered increasingly superficial world, this is the time that we need to get to know it and all of its manifestations even more than ever before.

I have seen it play out many times in my communication as a business coach and profiler that I have never been able to fully explain, but certainly have seen enough evidence of its influence to believe in its powerful tangibility and its ability to make a huge difference to building business relationships.

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