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Hi and Welcome to Precision Profiling – “News and Views”

In this digital age when our email boxes are so full with information overload, I feel privileged that you have taken the time to relax for a few minutes and read further on profiling and the study of language patterns.

And that’s why I take the responsibility of interrupting your busy life very seriously.

I’ll let you into a little secret…

…until this March this year I didn’t even have a Website; I was never on Facebook; I didn’t have a Twitter account – I never ‘tweeted’; I wasn’t ‘Pinterested’; I watched You Tube but had never filmed and uploaded one of my own; I had an iPOD that I never listen to; I didn’t have an iPHONE or iPAD, and I thought Androids were something from Dr Who.

If you are probably wondering – is Brian the modern day Rip Van Winkle? – I can assure you that I have constantly kept myself informed; updated; always learning; and hopefully relevant. I just have listened and engaged in more direct ways. (I think it’s called old fashioned communication.) And I have read, and I have watched, and I have observed, and I have trusted my intuition and my soul… and most of all I have loved… everything about life with a passion, even sometimes when it has been uncomfortable for me to do so.

So now as well as this Website and my Facebook business ‘Fan’ page ( ) and a Twitter Account (@BrianJohnClark), I have finally joined the ranks of the Bloggers with this Precision Profiling Newsletter RSS feed titled “NEWS & VIEWS.”

I plan to share with you what I have learned about profiling in particular and the study of language patterns in general, and continue to learn in a way that I hope will inform you; will encourage you; will challenge your thinking; will make you laugh and sometimes cry; and sometimes maybe even inspire you… if that is possible.

Most of what I’ll be writing about will be based on my study and passion for precision profiling, which is all about understanding people better and judging them less….  but not always. Sometimes I will share something beautiful that has moved me that I hope will do the same for you.

I also have plenty of interesting observations I’d like to share with you about the language patterns used by leaders which ‘signpost’ how they think and why they act in certain ways, just as your own language does. How for example if you study the language of Australia’s deposed Kevin Rudd’s farewell speech it ‘gives away’ his preferred style of leadership. And how Dr Martin Luther King’s defining civil rights speech, “I have a Dream”, uses language patterns throughout that not only demonstrate that he is highly motivated to influence lasting change for his beloved people but also how he is motivated unconsciously to do that. And why personality profiling per se is flawed as an indicator of performance at work and why the study of precision profiling takes it to a whole new level. And so much more.

So now I hand it over to you. Please enjoy my first official Blog post following this welcome post.  It is entitled “Love – The Ultimate Influence Pattern.” Then watch this space for more to come in future days..

I sincerely hope you stay with me on the journey, because I value the time you have invested with me, and in particular I welcome your comments or feedback emailed directly to me at

And if you discover you like what I’m sharing with you over time about precision profiling and my study of language patterns, please link it to others in your network so they too can enjoy what gems we discover together along the way.



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