Your Recruitment Process

Hire for attitude train For competence coach to Perform Manage to retain

General Questions:

No More Square Pegs in Round Holes

  1. How do you rate your staff hiring process?
  2. Do you have a lot of turnover in this particular role?
  3. Are the people in that team/department/area happy?
  4. What concerns are you having?
  5. What would you say are your main challenges/issues? (e.g. High Staff Turnover. Battling to find the right people)

Selection Process Questions:

  1. What is your selection process?
  2. What type of person do you look for in this role?
  3. What is your selection criteria for them?
    • i. Is it working for you?
    • ii. Where would you like to improve it?
  4. What does it cost you to hire the wrong person?
    • i. Hard cost?
    • ii. Replacement cost?
    • iii. Poor performance cost?
    • iv. Impact/cost to morale?
  5. What would it look like if you find the right kind of person up front?
    • i. Right fit for them?
    • ii. Right fit for the role?
    • iii. Right fit for the team around them?
  6. Performance Criteria Questions:

      1. How do you measure your best performers?
      2. How do you know what actually constitutes top performance?
      3. How do you track or measure that?
        • i. KPIs (Performance Metrics)
        • ii. CSIs (Customer Feedback)
        • iii. Team Fit (Collegial – 360s etc./Cultural measures)
      4. How do you know what the perfect role/position looks like?
        • i. Describe this role model if you can – Do you have a well formulated Position Description?
      5. Have you modified your training to build up your average performers?
        • i. How about coaching criteria?
        • ii. How about mentoring/buddying – complementary matching?

    Example: Client Contact Centre for an insurance company – Customer Advice line

    Selection Criteria – Client hired staff to fit their corporate culture – Bright ‘people’ people; Enthusiastic; Action Oriented; Initiative driven; Detail oriented; Extroverted … Interviewers hired based on these upbeat ‘filters’.
    The Role – The role was a repetitive; information-giving; procedure-driven; phone and screen interaction.
    The Problem – Staff turnover in this section of thirty staff was extremely high. Three month tenures; low morale; employee stress; erratic or dwindling performance; customer ‘experience’ so-so.
    The Intervention – Profiling indicated that best ‘fit’ for this role was not company culture ‘fit’ but role-specific fit.
    Actual Role Requirements – Low people filter (not ‘chatty’ – more matter of fact); High Information filter; Procedurally focused; Equal balance between Big Picture and Depth Orientation.