The Basics

What is Precision Profiling®?

Your Unique Motivational FingerprintPrecision Profiling® is the unique application of iWAM (Inventory of Work Attitudes and Motivations) and LAB (Language and Behaviour profiling) combined.

It is a system and a methodology that maps an individual’s motivations and attitudes at work. Statistically measuring someone’s motivational patterns allows us to understand what drives them to do what they do in their specific role and how to keep them engaged, productive and satisfied in their work.

With an infinite combination of 48 cognitive filters (patterns of thinking and working) no two results are the same, therefore every person’s profile is unique, like a fingerprint. The iWAM instrument is a performance tool, not a personality profile. And because it is not a personality profile there are no labels or types or quadrants to ‘box’ someone into.

It allows the organisation to take into account individual preferences and to value each person for their strengths. So it is now finally possible to measure, test and predict with a fair degree of accuracy, the inputs (the motivation) that drive the outputs (their behaviour).

What are the Benefits of Precision Profiling®?

  • It gives us the ability to predict (with a high degree of confidence – 89.5% validity rating):-
    • What motivates a person (measures the ‘will’ that drives their ‘skill’)
    • How they are most likely to behave not just how they are trained to behave
    • How to keep them engaged
    • How to support them for high performance and productivity
    • What style of work best ‘fits’ them
    • How they prefer to communicate and what language motivates them
    • How they are likely to adapt or react when they change roles
    • How to support new appointments to hit the ground running during ‘on-boarding’ (instead of 3-6 months lag time before any real understanding of the new recruit is gained)
    • How to diffuse and handle conflict between two people
  • It is not just a tool, but a methodology that provides a systematic way to integrate the HR functions to support the employee lifecycle (attract, develop and retain)
  • It offers tailored recruitment profiling according to specific role type
  • It assists in early detection of potential ‘square pegs in round holes’
  • It measures individual motivation which is a greater predictor of performance in the workplace than generic trait/personality tests
  • Because there is no generic boxing or labelling – it recognises the complexity of humans at work
  • It statistically measures changes in patterns of thinking and focus
  • It’s globally accessible in real time – scalable online testing (only 25-30min to complete the questionnaire)
  • It has global reach with cultural relativity – available in 21 countries and 14 languages
  • It specialises in statistical analysis and methodology – objectively measuring critical success patterns for Peak Performance replication and future selection
  • It doesn’t judge, it enlightens. No one person’s profile is good or bad… right or wrong. It’s purely about ‘fit’ for role in the context of the work environment.
  • Because iWAM measures role-specific motivators, if the role changes it can give insight into how effectively someone is likely to behave or adapt in a new role
  • It shows which patterns support effective behaviour in the context of a certain role, and equally, which patterns may hinder effectiveness. Insights that are critical for an organisation to know and understand