The Applications

What are the applications of Precision Profiling®?

Precision Profiling Applications

Some Specific Examples…

  • Senior Executive Assessment – a proven method to quickly understand the underlying motivational patterns of newly appointed executives, long before they actually demonstrate their patterns of behaviour in their new role
  • Recruitment Process – an indicator for the type of language to use in recruitment adverts to attract the most appropriate applicants for a specific role as well as for questioning during final interviews
  • Induction and On-Boarding – a specifically designed induction tool to speed up the process of successful integration and more complete understanding during the on-boarding period
  • ‘Models of Excellence’ – a modelling tool for replicating the peak performers’ patterns of unconscious behaviour and motivation when seeking to find, develop or promote more people like them in the team
  • Project Selection – a selection tool for sorting best ‘fit’ for a specific task or a project team
  • Coaching and Mentoring – a coaching tool for mentoring someone in their strengths and talents for greater job alignment (and blind spots too)
  • Paired Comparisons – a comparative report on two people working closely together to assist both to see where they have complementary behaviours and why… where they may have differences or the potential for miscommunication or conflict… and where both may share the same blind spots
  • Team Dynamics and Communication – a team balance and relationship dynamics tool to promote greater harmony and productivity through assessment and comparison of all members of the team and their patterns of behaviour and communication
  • Outplacement Support and Transition Coaching – an outplacement tool and process to assist someone to discover their real talents for future career goals