Profiling ‘High Performance’

What if it was possible to measure and map how your top achievers perform in their work?

High Performance Profiling

… Their cognitive styles, their communication preferences; their attention filters; their patterns of processing; their approach to team dynamics; and their individual motivations… all in the context of their role and their work environment…. and all in the body of one succinct report.

It is now possible to predict, with a certain degree of confidence, what are the motivating factors behind your peak performers

Through a combination of high level Quantitative and Qualitative profiling, underpinned by a methodology drawn from the latest research into cognitive and behavioural science over the last ten years, what was once not possible is now within your reach.

What this breakthrough system of profiling is not:–

  • It is not a personality profile nor a typological grouping
  • There are no ‘labels,’ ‘colours,’ ‘types,’ or ‘quadrants’ assigned to each person

What High Performance Precision Profiling® is:–

  • A measurement of 48 individual patterns of ‘work specific’ thinking that are the source of a particular individual’s or group of high achieving individuals’ behaviour(s)
  • A highly sophisticated form of software which encapsulates the ‘essence’ of your best people, combined with a thorough method of testing through face-to-face dialogue in a controlled setting, utilising ‘Language and Behaviour’ (LAB) profiling
  • In summary… a comprehensive investigation and distillation of specific test material and interview transcripts, to produce a ‘fingerprint’ of an individual’s motivational strategies, unique to them and them alone in their particular role

The benefits that High Performance Precision Profiling® can achieve for your organisation

  • Give you unique insight into the individual preferences of your top performers
  • Help you to better understand your high achievers’ strong driving patterns
  • Assist you to promote greater levels of understanding between the team members
  • Enhance high performance team dynamics and right ‘fit’ for role
  • Create a cultural ‘map’ of your high performing team for greater cohesion
  • Create a ‘Model of Excellence’ for future selection, replication and development
  • Utilise your top people and their unique talents for optimum effect

What are the many applications?