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Your Unique Motivational Fingerprint

The Basics

What exactly is Precision Profiling®, and what are its many benefits in the field of Human Resources and Executive and Staff Development? Find out more about the art and science of motivational “fingerprinting”.Read more


Precision Profiling Applications

The Applications

The Precision Profiling® solutions derived from this methodology are as many and varied as the challenges that exist within the Human Resource context. Bring us your challenge and we’ll find a solution.Read more


Attitudes and Motivations

Specific Measurables

What do we specifically measure that can give such an accurate and detailed picture of someone? Here it is explained in simple terms minus all the “jargon” so you can see for yourself exactly why Precision Profiling® is so individually precise.Read more


Latest Advances in Cognitive Science

History & Validity

What is the science behind the unique tools and applications of Precision Profiling®, and what is the tested and proven evidence underpinning the methodology? There is more to Precision Profiling® than just years of successful interventions and case studies, as you will discover here.Read more


High Performance Profiling

Profiling ‘High Performance’

What if you could measure and map how your top achievers perform… and then replicate them through your targeted selection strategies? Utilising our unique methodology called “Model of Excellence,” it is now possible for you to select for success.Read more



image14bigYour Recruitment Process

Questions to assist during the recruitment process, including selection process questions and performance criteria questions. Read more




Role AlignmentCase Studies

Actual case studies of real businesses .Read more