Final Set of ‘Home Grown’ Tips for Company Culture

Tip # 6

Hire tough and you’ll manage easy. But hire easy and you’ll manage tough.

These are the words of Eric Harvey, CEO of WalktheTalk Inc., a company dedicated to teaching corporations how to create values-driven cultures.

It could also be described as ‘Hire Attitude and Train Skill’ or ‘Hire nice people to train not train people to be nice.’ Either way you look at it, the message is the same. If you want to build and develop a world beating culture it has to start with selection – first, second and third. Trying to change and influence the attitudes and behaviours of competent, yet negative people, who were the most skilled candidates on offer, is an uphill battle. Hiring keen and eager people with a ‘service first’ attitude who need some slight honing of their skills is always going to pay dividends by comparison…. especially in front line, customer-facing roles.

Tip # 7

Organisations do not change. People change, and then they change organisations.

Far too often we hear of the new leader arriving and within a few months that fear-inducing word ‘re-structure’ surfaces. Is it because each leader feels that they have to look like they are doing something in order to appease the shareholders? Make their mark perhaps? So ‘org’ charts are redrawn. Lines of responsibility re-jigged. And people moved around like chess pieces on a board. But does anything really change? In the short term probably yes. But within 2-3 years the people, whose lives were turned upside down, react according to their own patterns and behaviours and the organisation finds its own level of performance.  And along the way a lot of good, capable and decent human lives end up as collateral damage. So what is the best advice to aspiring CEOs?  When you first arrive, sit tight, ask questions, listen hard, and do nothing… until you really know the beast before you. And the best place to start the dialogue is with your customers, not your direct reports.

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