Fathers Day Downunder – A Tribute from the Trenches

Dad and DaughterYesterday was Fathers Day Downunder so I am going to be a little self indulgent and share my ‘perfect day’ with you. I was woken an hour earlier than I’d planned to the raucous chorus of my seven and ten year old. I received toast crumbs in my bed and juice splashed on my bedclothes, with the delivery of my “binb” surprise. I was compared to aliens from other worlds and came out on top (‘best Dad in the whole Solar System and Galaxy’). My gifts (nothing over $5 allowed please) brought tears of laughter as I invented a myriad of uses I could put them to and then some, much to the satisfaction of my little boy and girl. I played adjudicator for the argument between siblings as to whose presents were better (declared a ‘draw’). I watched my Fathers Day lollies being devoured by those more needy than me, and I agreed that a trip to the local pancake house was indeed my choice of eatery for lunch. And then there were the hand designed and written cards… the icing on the proverbial cakes.
Sophie's Family - Daddy Dec 2011

The Picasso picture of me on the card was a stunner. More than a passing resemblance to ‘yours truly’ according to their Mum (see attached). The carefully crafted poem (don’t all cards truly worth their investment have ‘rhyming poems’ on the inside?) was such a masterpiece that it deserves to be shared with you here…

“You can have your in-bed lay… because it’s Happy Fathers Day!”

And the ‘Love Hearts’ drawn all over the cards told me that when words fail to express the full sentiment, a love heart will always suffice (p.s. they are also an excellent cover for last minute spelling corrections).

According to my little girl, I am being considered as a future husband unless someone better comes along, much to the merriment of her older and ‘wiser’ brother. He didn’t escape being the object of some humour either when he declared that that ‘Mummy could enjoy Fathers Day too, except that she was a woman.’ And let’s not forget the hugs, the tickles and the trampoline bed display, before we all climbed out to face the day.

(I might add that later that day the children rang my brother to wish him ‘Happy Funcle’s Day’ and we have decided that ‘Funcles’ should be added to the list of family roles worth celebrating.)

So there you have it. Self indulgent but short and sweet as a trade-off.

No matter what the world throws at us. No matter what trials and tribulations we may face. No matter what hopes and fears we may hold for our children as they forge their own path in life, there will always be that time when we can look back fondly and say… “I remember.”

My prayer for all of the fathers reading this, is that you too have had or will have one day cause to pause and reflect on a more innocent time when love’s expression came in the form of a handwritten card, a simple gift and a hug that almost squeezed the life out of you. And in honouring that thought, let us also give thanks to our own fathers, either present or absent, who gave us the life we lead so that we may share the love we have with those who follow.

As the saying goes… “Any man can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad.”

Happy Fathers Day!

Drop me an email to brian@precisionprofiling.com.au if if you would like to share your own thoughts with me on the topic of parenthood or anything else for that matter.

Until then… Let’s seek to understand more and judge less. Have a great week – Brian

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  1. Glenys Crawford says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your Father’s day with us. It reminds us of exactly what life is really about.

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