What do you think is more important for Humanity to Thrive – Empathy or Reason?

I read this question on a LinkedIn group forum recently and it got me thinking, especially in light of my previous two blogs regarding aligning with your true purpose through the work you do. (Here’s one of those blogs FYI Authenticity-Allowing your Highest Expression of Yourself to Shine )

EmpathyJust today I was reading a post from Linda J. Ferguson PhD (http://www.lindajferguson.com) on the subject of showing empathy at the very deepest level in our work. The only catch is… you might never know when that opportunity to connect at such a deep level with another human being might appear. Often that opportunity may offer itself to you when you least expect it. Will you be ready for it when that happens? Or will you let the moment pass unnoticed? Will reason get in the way of empathy, or will empathy allow you to connect with someone at a time when it is most significant to them? [Read more...]

What do you do if your team is Warm and Fuzzy but Under-performing?

Sales chart going downYou don’t want to be the next Genghis Khan as a leader but now is the time to stop the rot and turn things around. So how do you turn around an under-performing team, especially if it has a direct impact on your  income generation? First you must find the underlying causes, otherwise your attempts at halting the malaise may be misguided. [Read more...]

A Wonderful Vignette to Ring in 2013

At this time of year I can think of nothing better than to share this thoroughly uplifting You Tube vignette with you. May 2013 be filled with peace and prosperity for you. Enjoy the experience! [Read more...]

The Loss of Innocence

This weekend I was sitting at my computer getting ready to share with you my latest offering, when I opened my browser and was gutted to discover the latest news. As a parent of a six year old and a nine year old myself this has touched me deeply… [Read more...]

Final Set of ‘Home Grown’ Tips for Company Culture

Tip # 6

Hire tough and you’ll manage easy. But hire easy and you’ll manage tough.

These are the words of Eric Harvey, CEO of WalktheTalk Inc., a company dedicated to teaching corporations how to create values-driven cultures. [Read more...]

Some More ‘Home Grown’ Tips for Company Culture – Part 2

Tip #4

When it comes to ‘values violators’ you have to draw a line in the sand, regardless of their performance. Jack Welch, ex CEO of General Electric, said it best. To précis him…

[Read more...]