More Hidden Secrets to the World of Unconscious Influence

Following on from my previous post, world renowned master of modelling excellence, Anthony (Tony) Robbins shares more of his wisdom with us. This time, Tony shares with us the distinctions between having an Internal or an External Frame of Reference. Tony Robbins [Read more...]

What does it take to Convince Someone? Knowing this could Increase your Influence Tenfold.

Today I would like to share with you some insights from Anthony (Tony) Robbins, a world renowned master of modelling excellence and designing strategies for success.Tony Robbins  [Read more...]

How to Avoid Front Line PR Disasters

If your business involves public contact at the pointy end of the transaction then the front line staff you select and train should be the key to your success. The problem is that often the front line staff are the youngest and least experienced due to their role being seen as an ‘entry level’ one and therefore not treated with the right focus and training they deserve. As an employer, this approach to hiring can potentially lead to disastrous consequences for your business. Here’s what could happen if you don’t actively select and develop the right front line staff. It happened just last week so it’s still fresh in the minds of all of those public who witnessed it, including myself. [Read more...]

What to Look for when Hiring a Global Leader

So you want to hire that ‘stand out’ candidate who will achieve miraculous results for you and leave a lasting legacy which people young and old will be talking about for years to come.

Someone who is not only instantly recognisable but almost iconic in what they stand for and what they represent. Someone so inspirational that they  can gather an amazing team of selfless workers around them, totally committed to the cause, who will put in twelve months of selfless work involving meticulous planning and preparation so that their leader can deliver that knock-out performance in the one huge global event of the year. An event which just has to succeed because there will be no second chances to get it ‘right on the night.’ [Read more...]

What drives the Ultimate Entrepreneur? – profiling Sir Richard Branson

Have you ever wondered what drives a successful entrepreneur? I have often been asked that question by business people wishing to discover what are the distinctive patterns of motivation that they should look for in themselves and others with regard to business start ups. Thanks to a recent YouTube link I received courtesy of Marie Forleo, the inspiring CEO of ‘Rich, Happy and Hot’, I had the opportunity to watch an in-depth interview recorded on site at Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson, when he answered questions about his life as an entrepreneur and initiator of over 300 businesses under the Virgin megabrand.  Here’s what I discovered… [Read more...]

How to Avoid the costly Mistake of having Square Pegs in Round Holes

In my previous blog I asked the question whether your job is a good ‘fit’ for you I and shared with you some great questions to ask yourself if you are not sure. Here is an example of what happens when a highly qualified and fully committed executive is a poor match for his role, even though he has all of the skills and experience needed. Hopefully this is not your or your company’s experience. [Read more...]

Is Your Job a Good Fit, or are you a Square Peg in a Round Hole?

So much of what I do is to help companies select the right candidate for the role… or right ‘fit’ for the task… or right person for the promotion. Unfortunately, I have lost count of the number of times that I have been called in to assist with performance issues, when in actual fact the problem wasn’t the person, but the system used to hire, place, or promote him or her in the first place.

I am a strong believer in uncovering the talent and desire in people and leveraging that in a role for the benefit of them and the organisation. So often I see evidence of people being expected to perform in areas that are just ‘not them,’ and then being coached or mentored to change when the only thing such intervention achieves is the development of strong weaknesses. My preference is for organisations to find the right motivational fit for each role and then build teams of people with complementary talents and patterns of thinking.

It was particularly interesting for me to read these set of questions that were forwarded to me by Maggie Kelly, CEO of Successful Executive, a company devoted to helping businesses find and develop workplace champions. I believe the original source was the Australian Financial Review, 22-23 January 2011 edition, so I thank both Maggie and the AFR for some of these gems I share with you. You may find these questions useful in assessing your own current career situation. [Read more...]