G Adventures – Using Overseas Tourism as a Force for Positive Change

G Adventures - Bruce Poon TipAfter returning from a backpacking tour of Asia, in 1990, Canadian Bruce Poon Tip founded Gap Adventures (renamed G Adventures in 2012) with nothing more than two personal credit cards and a burning desire to create an authentic, sustainable travel experience like nothing the world had ever seen before. By offering adventure-craving travelers an alternative to the resorts, cruises and motor-coach tours they were accustomed to, he not only changed the way people looked at their holiday time, but changed the face of travel forever. What started off as a one-man show has since grown to become the world’s largest adventure travel company with over 1350 employees. [Read more...]

Imagine a High School where ‘Adult Learning Environment’ is the reality not just an idea

Nossal High SchoolAnd where there is an Information Resource Centre where books are borrowed and returned on an ‘honour’ system; where there are no bells or buzzers because the students are responsible for their own time keeping; and where appreciative enquiry, team teaching and collaborative study in an open learning environment is the order of the day. If you remember those old school days between 15 and 18 years of age when you sat in dreary classrooms while the teacher stood at the front and filled you full of information that you had to commit to memory and regurgitate at appropriate times, then it’s time to consider a new form of student utopia. [Read more...]

What Positives can come from a Racist Remark at the Football? More than you Think if you Look at it Differently

This weekend our papers were filled with the story about a 13 yo girl yelling a racist slur at one of our footy champions playing in the stadium in front of her and many thousands of fans. AFL Footballer responding to  racial abuseThe champion took offense, pointed out the transgressor to security and she was evicted from the ground in front of her shocked and embarrassed parent. There are many ways to view this episode and many points of view depending on what particular attitude you happen to have on the subject of racial slurs. I don’t intend to add my commentary to the rights and wrongs of what was said and done but what I would like to do is share an important lesson we learn from this incident about perceptions and the ‘framing’ we place around situations at work. [Read more...]

Twenty Years from now what will your industry look like?

Remember how life was back in good ol’ 1993? The internet was just a seed in the minds of some uni professors. Faxes were the order of the day. TVs were still boxes in the corner of the room. Google was what new babies did to communicate and Social Media represented the pub on the corner where journos hung out. So much has changed so rapidly in the past twenty years that the next twenty will need some pretty awesome imagining, I imagine. So take a minute now to jump in Dr Who’s Tardus and project yourself forward to 2033. Perhaps just focus on your own industry and nothing else for this exercise. [Read more...]

Language and Profiling – “News & Views” intro

Hi and Welcome to Precision Profiling – “News and Views”

In this digital age when our email boxes are so full with information overload, I feel privileged that you have taken the time to relax for a few minutes and read further on profiling and the study of language patterns.

And that’s why I take the responsibility of interrupting your busy life very seriously.

I’ll let you into a little secret…

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