A Paradigm-Busting Australian Study Tour

Showcasing companies that are changing our world and the way we do business today.

Time For ActionAcross the globe executives are realising that we need to change the way we are running our businesses, because the old ways don’t serve society and its people effectively any more. The current model has served us well for the last 150 years but the world is changing faster now than we have ever experienced at any other time in our history.  Businesses lose their relevance at the same rate that internal change lags behind the pace of external change.  We’re now at a time when we are facing the option of change or become irrelevant.

There is a global movement to redefine success in business from a much broader, more inclusive social perspective and it is happening everywhere we look.

So what do we do about it?  There are so many opinions out there (everyone has one) and there are plenty of consultants ready to share their well-rehearsed advice, but it’s all so confusing and who’s to say that the advice they have is going to work for you? Who’s actually already doing it successfully here in Australia, within our own unique culture and working around our own issues that we in Australia specifically face?

ROI+I* study tours have been designed not to tell you how to run your business, but to showcase successful businesses that are making waves and making a difference. These types of businesses are generally around 120% more profitable than standard S&P500 businesses within 3 years of operation and being nominated for all the best employer awards. They all live the principle of ‘doing good is good for business’ and it bursts at the seams in everything they do.

Attracting fully engaged, top talent is a major part of this new paradigm. It’s becoming one of the biggest challenges for employers today.

This study tour is about observing first-hand what is working for other businesses who are thriving and embracing this change as part of their daily existence, and deciding for yourself what will work for you and your own culture as it continues to evolve to remain relevant.

Don’t just be told about it.  Come along with us early in the new year and see for yourself how these businesses are redefining the way we operate in Australia and getting the incredible results that they are (in some cases even against insurmountable odds).

*R.O.I.+I. (“R.O. double I” – Return on Investment and Integrity)

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Until then… Let’s seek to understand more and judge less. Have a great week – Brian

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Brian Clark is the principal director of Precision Profiling®.

He is a renowned practitioner, writer and speaker on building total customer cultures; values driven leadership and world best practice strategy and implementation.

He has been a guest lecturer on world best practice for the executive management programme at Monash University’s business college (Mt Eliza campus); an adviser to and key note speaker for the Singapore Productivity Association and a consultant to many major Australian and overseas corporations and government departments.

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