What do you do if your Team is Underperforming? Part 5 – Celebration; Performance Management and Capability

CelebrationIt’s time to complete the picture. Having now addressed Leading from the Front; Creating Urgency for Change; Re-Aligning Focus; Training and Education; Ongoing Coaching; Performance Measurement; and Reward & Recognition, I now to turn your attention to three final elements of the Performance equation – Celebration, Performance Management and Individual Capability… [Read more...]

What do you do if your Team is Underperforming? Part 4 – Measurement; Reward and Recognition

Hitting the TargetSo far in this series of turning around team underperformance we have  covered Leadership; Creating the Urgency for Change; Re-Aligning the Focus; Training and Education; and Ongoing Mentoring and Coaching…. ‘but there’s more,’ as the famous ad line declares. It’s now time to focus on Measurement and Reward & Recognition. First Measurement…  [Read more...]

What do You do if your Team is Underperforming? Part 3 – Creating the Structure and Support

In my previous blog, “Part 2 – Setting the Scene,” we covered the key elements of creating the mood for change from both the ‘carrot and stick’ points of view. Once the critical need Training and Developmenttfor change in performance has been clearly laid out by the leadership as the prevailing theme, it is time to set up the support structures so that those who are willing to change have a clear blueprint to follow. It begins with Training and Education, not surprisingly… [Read more...]

What do you do if your Team is Underperforming? Part 2 – Setting the Scene

In my previous blog before Easter I talked about some of the underlying causes which lead to team underperformance especially if the prevailing team culture is known for its ‘warm and fuzzy’ environment and its people-centric focus. Baby and Bathwater

Undoubtedly you do not want to ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ in turning a people-focused culture around, so here are some tips on how best to address the issue of group underperformance in a more systematic and comprehensive way that avoids short term knee-jerk reactions or ‘scape-goating.’ [Read more...]