What do you do if your team is Warm and Fuzzy but Under-performing?

Sales chart going downYou don’t want to be the next Genghis Khan as a leader but now is the time to stop the rot and turn things around. So how do you turn around an under-performing team, especially if it has a direct impact on your  income generation? First you must find the underlying causes, otherwise your attempts at halting the malaise may be misguided. [Read more...]

Twenty Years from now what will your industry look like?

Remember how life was back in good ol’ 1993? The internet was just a seed in the minds of some uni professors. Faxes were the order of the day. TVs were still boxes in the corner of the room. Google was what new babies did to communicate and Social Media represented the pub on the corner where journos hung out. So much has changed so rapidly in the past twenty years that the next twenty will need some pretty awesome imagining, I imagine. So take a minute now to jump in Dr Who’s Tardus and project yourself forward to 2033. Perhaps just focus on your own industry and nothing else for this exercise. [Read more...]

Do those ‘Approval Seekers’ at work really need their egos stroked or confidence boosted… or are they just plain misunderstood?

Risk Management Flow ChartBill was a highly accomplished and effective risk manager of many years standing for a global company. He was thorough; he was methodical and he had a sixth sense for detecting potential risks in obscure transactions. You would describe Bill as being ‘on top of his game,’ so why did he always seem to need reassurance? [Read more...]

You are a Walking Talking Signpost of Clues at Work, but did you know it?

We are walking signposts

Not only are you a walking, talking signpost, so are your staff and colleagues which is great news for you if you know what to look for. Here is a great example of exactly what I mean by that comment, and it is one which every one of you will relate to, regardless of your level of training or understanding in the world of the profiler.

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