If it Looks like a Duck, Swims like a Duck and Quacks like a Duck…it’s probably a Duck. And if it doesn’t, then don’t duck the issue. Get it out of the Duck Pond.

Let me tell you a story. It’s about a person who was hired to do a job. I’ll call her ‘Peg.’

If it looks like a Duck...

She looked good. She sounded good. She had all the right connections. It seemed she knew everyone, such was the quality of her network. And if she didn’t know them, and wanted to, then she was quick to rock up and start a conversation. CEOs, General Managers, key decision makers – no one was out of bounds for her. She had a way of getting in touch and keeping the connection. The dream B2B sales exec you might think. Or was she? [Read more...]

The Productivity Curse – ‘Groupie’ or Loner? Knowing the Difference makes all the Difference

Have you ever wondered why it is that some staff just thrive on the interaction of a busy workplace where people are coming and going around them all the time, while others need to shut the world out in order to get things done? Group Environments

Knowing the different motivational patterns of either types of people can make a world of difference to having a productive team and a happy team. Here’s why…  [Read more...]

How to Avoid the Pitfall of Poor Selection for Customer Contact Roles

You may have heard the story about how one major airline assesses its job applicants prior to offering them any position which involves direct customer contact. The story and its message is a valuable reminder to us all. Listening with Intent [Read more...]

More Hidden Secrets to the World of Unconscious Influence

Following on from my previous post, world renowned master of modelling excellence, Anthony (Tony) Robbins shares more of his wisdom with us. This time, Tony shares with us the distinctions between having an Internal or an External Frame of Reference. Tony Robbins [Read more...]