What does it take to Convince Someone? Knowing this could Increase your Influence Tenfold.

Today I would like to share with you some insights from Anthony (Tony) Robbins, a world renowned master of modelling excellence and designing strategies for success.Tony Robbins  [Read more...]

In your Headlong Rush to Create the People-Focused Culture of the new Millennium don’t throw out the Baby with the Bathwater

Naturally you want to create a culture of happy, motivated and productive staff who are totally committed to your company’s cause and its financial wellbeing. Who doesn’t in this new millennium where every employee under twenty five is just a click away from leaving your workplace and chasing the next big career move or the next exciting project to work on?

But in your rush to accommodate the whims and fancies of the ping pong playing, bean bag sitting, Twitter scrolling workforce, let’s not forget that the culture you are creating filled with fun and frolic also has to make some money to justify its existence and support its development and it has a duty of care to serve the most important stakeholder of all, your customers. You know, the people who pay your bills, cover the wages and hopefully leave you with some profit at the end of each month to continue the journey.  [Read more...]

‘Cultural Cringe.’ How to Avoid the Trap of Dysfunctional Mergers & Acquisitions

One of the key questions asked in the Mergers and Acquisitions process is “What’s the management like?” Organisational Culture Leaders on both sides of the transaction want to know who they’re merging with; what are their strengths and weaknesses; will they fit; who will get what job; and how will they work together? [Read more...]

How to Avoid Front Line PR Disasters

If your business involves public contact at the pointy end of the transaction then the front line staff you select and train should be the key to your success. The problem is that often the front line staff are the youngest and least experienced due to their role being seen as an ‘entry level’ one and therefore not treated with the right focus and training they deserve. As an employer, this approach to hiring can potentially lead to disastrous consequences for your business. Here’s what could happen if you don’t actively select and develop the right front line staff. It happened just last week so it’s still fresh in the minds of all of those public who witnessed it, including myself. [Read more...]