What does Success mean for you and how do you Achieve it?

I had occasion the other day to delve deeply into what is the difference that makes the difference with high achievers in the workplace. I had just completed a modelling project and part of that investigation included my personal assessment of the organisation’s nominated peak performers. In particular, what they were doing specifically that led to their success, and how their actions and behaviours set them apart from the rest of the team.

And it got me thinking about success in its many forms and how, if we really look closely, it has a way of leaving a trail of clues for us to follow…
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When we soar with Eagles

Everyone is unique. Everyone is special. We just have to look for that aspect of ‘specialness’ in them and them help them to fly. Here is a wonderful video clip to pay homage to that thought. [Read more...]

One Size does not Fit all

Many profiling systems place people in boxes, colours, quadrants or types, the descriptions of which are generalised. This generalisation of so-called ‘typologies’ means that each type does not exclusively refer to the individual person being assessed. Furthermore, because these preferences do not necessarily track the actual thinking behind someone’s behaviours and performance at work, they are often described as “Personality Profiles.” But we all know that each of us are much more than that. [Read more...]

It’s not what you say but how you say it.

Everyone knows that communication is not only all about what you say but how you say it. But I wonder if you are aware of just how accurate that comment is, and the depth that we can now go to in discovering the unconscious filters that can get in the way of the message you may be trying to deliver to your colleagues? [Read more...]

Peak Performance leaves its own trail of clues. So why don’t more organisations look for them?

I was reading an article the other day by Miller Heilman, an international Sales Performance consultancy, and in it they mentioned that by recognizing, analysing and documenting the specific ways that top performers apply the sales process in prospecting and customer interactions, other sales executives within the same organisation can be coached to emulate those best practices. In the work that I do as a behavioural modeller and profiler for corporations, this is precisely what we specialise in doing for companies. [Read more...]